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Noh Nee Benin - NNB - is a project with a mission - to create a bridge between local African artisans and the global stage of the fashion industry. We are a sustainable and ethical fashion brand that not only expresses Africa’s stylistic sensibilities and cultural narratives, but also showcases her vast wealth of talent. The opportunities are endless, and we’re thrilled to start tapping into some of these.


Our mother brand, Noh Nee, based in Munich, Germany, already started making this vision a reality. Their signature ‘Dirndl à l’Africaine’ combines the finest and most flamboyant African textiles and patterns with a classic Bavarian design. In 2011, the founders, Rahmee and Marie, set Project Justine into orbit, a non-profit organisation that’s based in Benin, West Africa. They invited Justine Tchilalou Payarou, a seamstress from Benin, to Munich, and imparted a professional seamstress training to her. These sessions were based on a “train-the-trainers” concept. In turn, not only did Justine get involved in Noh Nee’s production, she is also teaching other seamstresses in Benin all the knowledge acquired in Germany. The idea of fostering education, labor and independence is what ultimately gave birth to NNB.


Our project revolves around sourcing quality apparel ‘Made in Africa’ in a sustainable manner and through genuine fair trade. We want to encourage a positive social impact by re-defining our relationship with Africa, by shaking the habitual ways of wearing, designing and producing fashion. On the one hand, we’re using all the groundwork that was already put into Project Justine to build a sustainable business model. On the other hand, we’re gathering funds to keep working on the infrastructure.



Thanks to the first funding, a large fraction of land has already been purchased in Benin; a water well has been installed, construction plans are ready, the first little atelier is already built, and Justine and her Team have started the engines.  If you would like to join us on our mission to shake the very foundations on which we’re standing to make room for a more dynamic and colorful future, you could start right here. Every purchase you make will provide us with an extra piece to the puzzle that encompasses the construction of this bridge between one stage and another.



Apart from buying the NNB collection, you can become a member of our association and thus a part of

"The Project Justine" here . Of course you can also support us with a donation here.

Any support is welcome, only together we can bring about sustainable change!